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Facilitating Heart-Felt Connections
Animals & Humans  

Liz Steele,CESMT
 ​Animal Communicator
Equine Massage Therapist
Recreation Therapist

Intuitive Animal Communication

Please note,  services being offered do not take place of veterinary care but can enhance the care.

SASA Energy Work
Sacred Animal Spirit Alchemy (SASA) is an  energy work practice developed by The Lightfoot Way.  In essence, it  is using a person's innate energy with Mother Earth and her elements to send energy for the greatest good of an individual or animal. It can be done in person or from a distance. 
Animals and humans love receiving this energy as it is very relaxing and provides balancing of internal energy where needed.
SASA is offered as a stand alone service or in addition to  animal communication.  massage sessions. 
                                                     30 minute SASA sessions - $30                                                                                     Added to a service- $15.

Honored Guest AC!

On March 11, 2018 Greyhound Pets of America Houston celebrated 30 years of rescue with an amazing event held at Townhall Texas. I was blessed to be the guest Animal Communicator! So many wonderful people and Greyhounds. And so very grateful to participate!

March 31, 2019
 Greyhound Pets of America, 31 years and going strong. My 2nd year communicating with the Greyhounds. They are so easy to love! 

Why Animal Communication? My Story

I was volunteering at Habitat for Horses Equine Rescue when I dreamed of a horse who told me she would be mine, or really I hers. Shortly after, I met the horse from that dream. They had named her Rezzie, short for  resurrection   because they really didn't know if she would survive the abuse and neglect she endured.  I fell in love with her immediately and  once she was able to be adopted, I did just that. She was so hard to build relationship with. She trusted no one and I couldn’t blame her. I started communicating intuitively with her and slowly we made progress. Others noticed and began asking me how I built such trust with her; even the farrier asked me what I was doing as she was so much more relaxed.
Through communication she and I agreed to change her name to Grace. It was joyous for us both. Grace really blossomed and so did I! Grace has changed my life and taught me more than I thought possible. A true believer, I began the Professional Animal Communication program with The Lightfoot Way
My communication has grown to include wildlife, and to providing communication for others. I feel I’m making a difference through communication one animal/human relationship at a time. My goal is create a rippling effect using a holistic approach in building better relationships between animals and humans

Animal Communication 

Options & Pricing

Whether your animal is sick or having discomfort, has behavior issues, or has transitioned from this life and is in spirit, communication with him or her can clarify what we as humans can do for them, ourselves and society as a whole to make changes for improvement.  Communication is the foundation for learning from the animals.

 Animals respond with images, words or feelings, and most often respond in ways we do not expect. However, when analyzed their messages have a profound impact. 

Animal Communication sessions include  questions of your choice based on the situation being addressed. 

 With each communication session, the information is analyzed, and I will assist you in asking questions that help give clarity.

 Sessions are completed at distance from anywhere in the world, through email correspondence.

 AC is not to take place of veterinary care but to enhance the care. 



  •  Basic communication session $60
         4 questions + the free question found at the            bottom of the questionnaire

         *You may add additional questions to a 
             basic session  - $10 each added question
        Price includes:
  one  follow up email
  one phone consult, up to 15 minutes

 to allow for questions and/or clarifications of transcript results.

If futher assistance is needed, we can speak on the phone with an additional fee.

 A 3% convenience fee is added to each transaction to cover the fees of PayPal & will show as a tax rate

Animal Communication
To request a communication with your animal, download and complete this form. Directions are on document, however if you have any questions please contact me.