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Facilitating Heart-Felt Connections Between 


Liz Steele,CESMT
 ​Animal Communicator
Equine Massage Therapist
Recreation Therapist

Elizabeth "Liz" Steele

Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom, Busha, and Friend to all Animals and Nature

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why." ~ Mark Twain
Meet Liz
I have a true passion for the natural world and  believe animals and nature have a purpose in our soul being. Animals have always been a part of my life as companions and healers, a blessing I received from my mom.

My husband Rick and I share our home with many rescues; 3  horses, Grace, Jezzie and Astro, a mini donkey, Victor, 2 dogs, Bella & Buck and 2 cats Crow & Feather.   

My experience includes volunteer services through a Therapeutic Riding  program in Ann Arbor, Michigan;   Habitat for Horses rescue and CARE Dog Rescue.

 I developed an Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) program for a small hospital in Michigan and provided AAT  for a local hospital and nursing facility with my dog Hannah.  Hannah and I were a certified AAT team through the Delta Society.

I also have a great deal of experience within the mental health field and with special populations;   teaching special education classes  and providing service coordination for persons with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities.

 I  graduated  from Eastern Michigan University  with a BS in Therapeutic Recreation. I'm a Certified Animal Communicator through   The Lightfoot Way Animal Heart & Soul Professional Animal Communication Program, and a Certified Equine Sport Massage Therapist through Equissage Texas.

My goal for Soft Heart Connections is  to provide a Life Enhancing Holistic Approach to address the Physical, Mental and Spiritual needs of the animal through Animal Communication, Equine Sport Massage, and other holistic modalities such as muscle testing and nutrition.
I look forward to assisting you and the animals in your care to make heart felt connections.

Soft Heart Connections Values
  • Safety- To offer services that are sincere and trust worthy, meeting the clients where they are and assisting them in their spiritual and emotional growth through the use of animals and nature.
  • Integrity- To continually practice methods, and grow professionally & spiritually in order to offer services with the integrity of a quality knowledge base.
  • Connecting – To open services to anyone in the world regardless of their beliefs, background or culture, through personalized contact in multiple formats with a fee that allows services to be accessible to anyone.
  • Community – To facilitate the development of positive relationships that will create a rippling effect of love & peace among all.